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In a State that has had it's ups and downs in Real Estate there is one company, and one Real Estate Broker that leaves no stone unturned in providing services and bucking the Real Estate trends throughout the State. This company is a powerhouse in its field in spite of its small size and lean staff Pappas Retail Leasing and Management, Inc. is the name of the company and it is directed and controlled by Pauline A Pappas, Broker. Pauline is a hard driving manager that constantly pushes herself to the limits working twelve to fifteen hours per day. Her attention to detail is uncanny and that is one reason why Shopping Center owners flock to her to manage their Centers and solve their problems. You will see why this person is an icon in the field of commercial Real Estate and learn how this company came about and what makes it so successful.


Pauline and Helen Pappas, sisters, both moved to Florida in 1976 from small communities in Northern Ohio. They wanted to go into a business that would provide them challenges, keep their interest, and provide them with an income that would sustain their way of life. At that time Real Estate seemed to provide an option that  intrigued and excited them both. Not the normal Real Estate, buying and selling homes, no; they wanted to get into commercial Real Estate, i.e. small Shopping Centers and Plazas. They saw a niche that wasn’t being serviced by any of the big companies and they seen owners struggling to rebuild old centers and fill empty space. They Started out in the Miami area and soon had several centers that needed their touch. A company was born. At that point they hit the streets, getting the centers cleaned up, painted, in some cases re-built. They aggressively went out and marketed those areas and soon turned empty space into revenue generating square footage. They got anchors by going to the company's home offices and showing them how profitable a branch in their Center can be. Then they went to companies that meshed well with the anchors so that they would lend to each other's success. With success in Miami, opportunities in Orlando came up that they couldn't refuse. They did the same thing in Orlando and their reputation among owners was growing and more opportunities were being presented. At that time it was pretty clear that this market was real, viable, and untapped. After several successful years in Orlando, Pauline and Helen decided to home base in St. Petersburg. They commuted to Miami and Orlando to service those accounts and expand their business to the Tampa/St. Petersburg area.


The Tampa/St. Petersburg area soon included cities as far away as Inverness to the North, Winter Haven to the West, and Port Charlotte to the South. Their market skills were a combination of each other's strength and pure will to be successful. Unfortunately Helen, the younger of the two, was stricken with cancer and passed away at a very early age. While this loss was devastating to Pauline and the company, Pauline knew that Helen would have wanted her to carry on the company and grew it into a powerhouse. With support from other family members Pauline tackled the perils of an expanding business and put forth measures to make up for the loss of her sister. Pauline forged her way into markets that no one else would touch. Her methods and sales skills carried the company to where it is today. Her principles are the same and they are strong.


Clean up Centers, landscape them to make them appealing, market the property not by  just putting up some signs as most Realtors do, but aggressively pursue business' that will draw traffic to the center. One of her priorities is to make a Center profitable for the owners and provide a meaningful piece of Real Estate for the community, Pauline has set up a machine that is very successful and beneficial for all concerned. While the main emphasis has been Shopping Centers recently she has expanded into managing office complexes and industrial warehouse space, Pauline has also assisted new construction for new shopping centers and has leased considerable space before the first shovel full or dirt is turned.

What makes her company so different is the personal service that she provides and the attention to detail. That is the reason she is so successful in leasing space throughout central Florida.

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Pappas Retail Leasing and Management is a boutique firm specializing in shopping centers which gives you a tailored expertise.

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